Thursday, November 09, 2006

TS-7260 Mounted to Modified Squarebot

Picture of a modified VEX "squarebot" with the 7260 mounted to it using 4-40 standoffs (the holes drilled on the 7260 required 4-40, which was a problem because I had a hard time finding 4-40x1/4" screws that worked with the standoffs and had a wide enough head not to fall thru the holes in the squarebot chassis). Note the wireless USB card and the 9-pin RS-232 cable. Behind the bot, not visible in the picture, is a Linux box running minicom which allows me to log into the 7260 over the serial connection.

In this configuration, with the wireless USB network enabled, I am able to log in from a web browser and view a static web page hosted on the robot using apache.


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