Wednesday, November 15, 2006

QuickCam Notebook - strike one

Purchased a QuickCam notebook web camera for about $30 tonight. quickcam.o didn't recognize the device (usb vend/prod 0x46d/0x8a3). Worse yet, the qc.o driver supporting the wireless USB ethernet device, when loaded, reacts violently when the camera is inserted into the usb slot, causing the TS-7260 to hard reset. But only if there is a wireless USB ethernet device previously installed and recognized (by the wireless driver).

Tried out an old labtec camera that I have, which is supposed to be supported by the driver as well (0x46d/0x870), but it wasn't recognized either.

Next weekend, I'm going to try to cross-compile the spca5xxx driver for the TS-7260 kernel, which states it supports the QC notebook. Perhaps that will work.


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